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Researching On The XO

It was fun and fast when I was researching. My topic is global warming and how it affects polar bears. I went to Google.com and also Ask.com and I saw some articles and good information on my topic. I was able to save the articles that I liked on my xo laptop as favorites. Now I could see the articles I need whenever I need to on my xo. It’s cool to know that I have all the information that I need. The xo really helped me find what I needed. – CRA


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XO First Impressions

I was very excited to take my xo laptop home.  As soon as I got home, I went to record.  I showed my family how to take pictures, record videos, and do more things on the xo as well.  I was able to connect to the Internet very easily.

My dad was amazed at how much the little xo could do!  I can’t wait to explore more on the xo.  -CRA

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xo experience

i was able to take the xo home for the break. i had alot of fun using the writing software and record software and basicly every other feature. the only problem that i didnt like was the fact that when i was recording a quote on the record audio activity it came out low so i had to like go to a very quite place to hear it but other than that i am learning a lot on my topic and having alot of fun at the same time.

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We had to show the students how to access the internet using a free public wifi network around the school. We were wondering if students would be responsible enough to only use the internet for their research on feature article. With support and advice from TMI, we decided that it would make sense since the kids don’t have filters at home anyway. The kids were told be responsible, especially since all of their work is recorded in the journal.

I taught the students how to find a free public wifi network in class today because they had to do the same at home. It worked great. The kids got it. We had to reboot about 3 XO’s so that those kids could see wireless options on the neighborhood, as opposed to the mesh networks. I also told them to move around the classroom as well to see if they picked up different sources. every student was able to get on the internet.

I tried locating the computers from the tmobile list but half of them were not on the list, as far as we checked. So, I did not show them that list. I also wanted to show them something simple with few directions. I have had 6 calls tonight already of kids getting on the internet. another 3 called me and told me that they could not get on. I was able to help one of them. the other two i suggested to try the net in the library, starbucks, or someone else’s house. I am sure they will pick it up somewhere. The teacher and I have a scheduled time to chat with two different student groups on tuesday on the xo. We will do the proposed virtual conferencing with three guided questions.. has your angle changed or remained the same.?.. pick one source of information that you found and explain how you plan to use it.?.. and what are the things that you know you will need guidance with to get you through this project (ex.research, into, body, features…)?

Hopefully this will work. I am predicting that most (85%) of the kids got on the Internet. However, i fear that we will not be able to see all of the kids on the day of the chat on wed because of a million thousand reasons, the net, the xo, the timing, …

Lets cross our fingers. so far, everything is working great. The kids are scheduled to blog on tuesday and thursday of next week.

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XO internet search

At first the wireless in the neighborhood did not work. but then i rebooted it and then i got internet. The first time it was not easy because the wireless was not flashing. The second time was easy because i just had to click on another persons. I am going to try to do it at home tonight. I am researching about ferrets.

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We thought we were excited about the XO, but our parents loved them even more. After the workshop that teaching matters held for us at KAPPA IV, we took them home. All of us played with the XO software like the camera, the writing, the music, and some of the math stuff too. When we came back to school our teachers told us to talk about our experience with the XO at home. As a class we created a large list of things we did. Out of the whole class, 23 looked at the neighborhood option and only saw ourselves in the XO, 10 of us attempted to chat, 10 used the record activity, 10 used the music activity, 23 were able to go into the writing software and show our parents our work on the feature article angles, and 23 attempted to go on the internet. Though 2 students thought they went on the internet, it turns out at they did not. The best part about this experience was that about 10 of our parents were able to turn on the XO on their own and look at the kids work without help.  We hope to experience more during the February week in a couple of days. The XO managers, us, are responsible for sharing our experience next week.

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Website search on the XO

My experience with the xo was  pretty hard at first when going to the internet but then it got easier because I got used to what im doing for example learning how to access the internet by writing in termanal and writing (python wifi.py). I found a lot of good information for my topic wich is “Drumming can help to physical fitness.”What I plan to do in the xo next do to feature article is find out more websites than I can ever imagine. Maybe I can take notes from each good website I see, and maybe add more things to my topic angle such as drumming can lead to letting out all thr anger in you by hitting things.

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