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The following are all comments made by students at KAPPA IV in NYC after visiting the New York City Council:


Yesterday I was in a council meeting about the XO. Other organizations were there too. A lot of people were there like City Council Member Inez Dickens. I got interviewed by a lot of important people.They asked me about the functions of the xo. How I influenced my classroom was maybe convincing people to let us keep them. Our cooperation can change the lives of other sixth graders.


My experience yesterday was a real privalage. I am greatful that i was one of the 4 kids that got to represent class 601. My class has worked really hard with the xo’s. We were so exited when we got to work with the xo’s. I hope that we can keep on doing a great job with the xo laptops. When i got to city hall, i was amazed. It was a great experience.


I really like working with the xolaptop because you learn a lot when it comes to being a better writer and it helps me when it comes to typing faster and doing my home work. Also i am really happy about going to city hall too beacause seeing the mayor and seeing Inez Dickens and showing the xo to basiclly everybody in city hall is a real honor.


This unit has been fun especially with the xo because with the xo it has been easier because we could take them home and finish it at home i wish this unit did not end because I am having so much fun. the xo is also good because we wont have to look for papers we just go to our journal and find it also we don’t have to worry if we right sloppy. vgb


My time with the xo computer was amazing. I loved using it and writing my feature article in it. When I first got it, the first thing that came to my head was if it was going to be great. But guest what it came true. I LOVE THE XO and USING THEM!!!!


Over the course of the 6 weeks with the XO i have felt that my class is lucky. The reason that i say that my class is lucky is because the xo gave us a advantage because if  we didn’t use the XO and we don’t know how to write clearly for our teacher to understand. We would have to write it over.But if you have the XO the writing will look clear and your teacher would understand.


My experience  with my XO has been fulfilling in every way. My XO inspires and motivates me to work harder and work to my best ability. My work might have not been as good as it was without all the resources my XO offered me. It allowed me to get on the internet, type several drafts, and share my work in class easier.


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