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We are still patiently waiting for our first shipment of XO machines.  Ok, not so patiently waiting.  So in the meantime, I discovered the OLPC livecd that has been floating around out there.  What it lets you do is run the OLPC operating system off of a CD on your regular PC.  Everything boots off of the CD – so when you’re done, just pop it out, restart – and your back to your regular operating system environment:


So I was playing around, and here are my initial reactions:

  1. Very confused for 30 seconds
  2. Had a “I see moment” and then it was really easy to use as a student (after you figure out how to navigate)
  3. Pleasantly surprised by the back-end “admin” interface
  4. Realization that I need to figure out some linux if we’re going to configure these machines at all

I then went through and tried to setup some external browsers (Firefox and Opera) just to see what the process would be.  You do have to learn some basic Linux commands to get the packages and then install them – but it is not the end of the world.  What will be frustrating is figuring out how to integrate those applications into the student interface.  Firefox (as we know it) doesn’t have an integration for this – however, the default XO browser is Firefox-based…so it might not be worth the trouble.  Opera DOES have an integration package.  And the Opera browser rendered pages much better (and faster it seemed).  It also had many more features and configuration options.  The one issue was getting the flash player to work through it – which wasn’t immediately obvious or easy to do….still working, however I think Opera has the most potential for working in NYC classrooms and through the NYC proxy.  Here their link to the project page:



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