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Thank you Opera

We installed the OLPC Opera package today.  Opera is an alternative web-browser that is “out in front of the pack” when it comes to the OLPC project.  They have released their software to run on the device – and, in my opinion, is a vast improvement to the default browser the machine ships with.  Here’s why:

  1. Tabbed Browsing – you can open up multiple websites through the single browser.
  2. Handles popped-up windows (through tabbed browsing) – many websites these days pop-up content or other websites.  I know there are web developers out there who cringe at this – but it is necessary to support!
  3. Defaults to a (although shrunk) 1020 pixel width.  Most modern sites (cnn.com, nytimes.com) these days have designed their websites to fit on a larger screen than the OLPC default browser supports.  Opera fixed this – and also has zoom-in / zoom-out features.
  4. Bookmarks – enough said.
  5. Options to configure plugins/java and a web proxy.  MANY school systems go through a web-proxy and filter these days.

Here’s the installation instructions off of the OLPC wiki:



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