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Schools interested in XO

Spoke to Brian Culot a principal interested in the XO project and invited him to follow the blog. He raised a couple of issues that concerned him having seen the device.

  1. ability to charge devices that do not fit a laptop cart – also security. He thought there would need to be a specialized cart developed.
  2. looking at the device for 2nd and 3rd graders his parents want students to develop keyboarding skills — not as the only thing they do, but as one thing they learn. He has middle schoolers who are still type to slow  to write fluently.   I know keyboarding gets contentious but the machines should support what educators, parents and students want to do with them.. so is there keyboarding software that would work on the linux machine?
  3. He was also concerned  that students might not be able to write fluently with this keyboard… so kids.. can you.. does the keyboard slow you down.. or do you need to learn to type faster as part of writing…
  4. What kind of training/support would teachers need, if they had a curriculum and wanted to explore integrating the tool to support inquiry within in single unit – say a study of ancient egypt.
  5. Brian I know you had other issues, I hope you will post them in the comments.  Educators please ask our kids questions!

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